Art Public Welfare -- Fantasia·Journey for Love
“Fantasia·Journey for Love” was initiated by Fantasia Holdings Group Co., Ltd in 2006. As a large art public welfare activity, it intends to cooperate with one famous artist annually and achieve “Happiness” through art creation and exchange to dedicate itself to social culture public welfare undertaking.
Starting with photographer Zuo Li, children's art educator Wu Xiaoyan, musician He Muyang, sculptor Jiang Jie, pioneer drama director Miss Cao Kefei to food writer Shu Qiao, many chief executors present art from common life experience higher than that of life to, based on human senses, record happiness in various ages in photography, painting, music, sculpture, modern drama and documentary, etc.
In 2013, with the establishment of Shenzhen Fantasia Public Welfare Foundation, its art public welfare project “Fantasia·Journey for Love” held a contest of collection of public welfare works dealing with experiencing space design to encourage young designers creating better works. At the same year, the 7th “Fantasia·Journey for Love” paid attention to life of the aged, based on the theme “design for parents” , collected space design and creative items suitable for the aged from college students and young designers and invited famous specialist of building “Quality of Life” at home and abroad to make evaluation.

The contest had obtained extensive public’s concerns and involvement since its launch. Its advertising video Design for Love had been browsed on internet by 30,000,000 people. Also, the contest, reported by domestic and oversea media repeatedly, had attracted over 900 young designers and students from near 60 universities and design offices worldwide with more than 1150 works and more than 130,000 people for public vote. On April 17, 2014, the jury constituted by public welfare contest specialists evaluated and selected relevant awards including cash prize that reaches up to RMB 100,000. In the future, the host will cooperate with agencies of “Quality of Life” such as “Healthy” and “Futai Year” to help award-winners apply for patents and support commercial advertising and application of their works to bring true happiness and benefit for the aged.

In 2014, “Fantasia·Journey for Love” will change its theme into “Design for Unattended Children”, focus on their physical and mental problems to help and design for them, arise public’s care and establish a public welfare platform for rural education and rural children.
TimeChief Execution GroupsMain Achievements
2006Zuo Li (Photographer)Photographic research tripPhotographic exhibition/documentary
2007Wu Xiaoyan (Children's Art Education) Painting research tripPainting (Presenting Gift in the Hongkong Contact and Exchange Meeting)
2008He Muyang (Musician)Music research tripThe creation of Happy Suite (the theme song of Fantasia’s culture)
2009-10Jiang Jie (Sculptor)Literary celebrity interviewsSolo exhibition of “pink Utopia”
2010-11Cao Kefei (Drama Artist)Community interviews and  research tripPerformance of crossover space happy drama Look, Tugelizi
2012-April, 2013Shu Qiao (Food Writer)Yueshi-- manual food interviewYueshi China documentaries (3 episodes)/book
October 2013-June 2014PublicSpace design suitable for the agedParticipating works of space design suitable for the aged and their exhibition