Education Public Welfare-- Fantasia · Plan for Supporting Education
In 2012, based on the “New-hope Model” of Jian County Fantasia Hope Primary School Unattended Children Centralized Education, Fantasia Group cooperated with CYL Central Committee to initiate the “Fantasia · Plan for Supporting Education” and offer tailored extracurricular learning with “Colorful Class” as the theme and activity base-- “Fantasia · Colorful House” for children of peasant worker especially those unattended, achieving the integration of area, activity, volunteer and one-to-one pair.

In 2013, “Fantasia · Plan for Supporting Education” became the education public welfare project in Fantasia Public Welfare Foundation. Currently, it has established over 100 colorful houses in all provinces and cities in provincial administrative region except Taiwan, Hongkong and Macao. In the future, it will support and build 25 colorful houses in earthquake-stricken area in Ya’an and organize regular “Colorful Class” for further care.
“New-hope Model” for Rural Unattended Children Education
Starting in 2006, Fantasia Group has supported and built the Ji’an County Fantasia Hope Primary School and Chengdu Fantasia Qixiang Primary School, and paid attention to their operations in the way of operation of an enterprise. Based on children’s physical and mental characteristics, through the implementation of plan for employee being voluntarily supported teacher , the establishment of teacher training and reward fund and organization of “one-to-one” pair interaction and care between owners and partners “one to one”, it adopted unattended children boarding education method and care strategy “art + sport” to promote school hardware conditions and the “soft power” , helped students “grow” and “be useful people” and gathered effect to create a “New-hope model ” for rural left-behind children which was called the “model of the new rural construction”.
Model of the New Rural Construction
Supported by Fantasia, owners and partners, Ji’an County Fantasia Hope Primary School was increased from 1 building to a garden style boarding school with 5 buildings covering teaching building, student apartment, second teaching building and preschool education building, etc. With the continuous improvement of hardware facilities and teaching level, the school was planning to merger other schools around. Surrounding the school, it was originally desolate. Since the school was established, villagers gathered and built houses around the school, small commodity transaction market was established and the property industry and trade developed. Further, the government also planned to build a park nearby to improve the living conditions of local people. The model that attracts villagers due to famous school is known as the “Ji’an’s Model of the New Rural Construction”.
Events of Education Public Welfare