Fantasia’s contracted sales rose 31.23% year on year to RMB1.369 billion in August

(7 Sep 2015 –Hong Kong) Fantasia Holdings Group Co.,Limited (“Fantasia”, or the “Company”, which together with its subsidiariesis referred to asthe “Group”; HKEx stock code: 1777) announces that its propertybusiness grew steadily asit was boosted by a rebound in transactions across China’s major cities in August 2015. The Group also made fasterprogress in its plan for building a community and commercial service ecosystembased on various platforms.

In August 2015,the Group’s contracted sales rose by 31.23% year onyear to RMB1.369 billionwith126,754 sq.m. in aggregate gross floor area (“GFA”) sold.

From January toAugust 2015, the accumulated GFA sold [Note: the specific period is already mentioned at the beginning of thissentence. Moreover, the year to date means the period from 1 January this yearto the publication date of this press release] grew by 56.32% year on year to approximately796,925 sq.m. and the corresponding aggregate contracted sales rose by 113.33% year onyear to approximatelyRMB7.082 billion. The Group hascompleted 64% of its annual contracted sales target of RMB11 billion and is optimistic about its sales performancein the rest of the year.

On 14 August2015, Fantasia and its subsidiary, Colour Life Services Group Co., Limited(“Colour Life”; HKEx stock code: 1778), announced their interim results for2015. Fantasia achieved contracted sales of RMB4,047 million, which was up by 125% year onyear. Operating profit for the period was RMB279 million, up by 127% year onyear. Colour Life’s gross profit surged by 90.3% year onyear to another recordhigh of RMB2,060 million.

Steady operatingperformance has laid the solidfoundations for the Group’s community service business ecosystem based on various platforms. On 23 August2015, the Group announced itsproposal for the quotation of the shares of Home E&E (美易家), the Company’sindirect subsidiary, on the National Equities Exchange and Quotations System(NEEQ). The Group willapply to NEEQ Co. Ltd. for the proposed quotation inSeptember 2015.    

Such move will provide anindependent financing platform for Home ENE and enable it to refine its capitalstructure, reduce operational risks, and improve its corporatemanagement standard and reputation.

This is also Fantasia’s another attempt to widen the scope of its capital operationfor its business segmentafter the successful listing of Colour Life on the Main Board of Hong KongStock Exchange. Home E&E will probably become China’s first resortproperty operator to be listed onNEEQ. Fantasia’s system of multiple capital-raising platforms has begun to take shape.

On 31st August2015, the number of APP registered users of “Jiefangqu” (「解放區」), Fantasia’sanother community service platform, reached 1.5 million, of which 550,000were active users on a monthly basis, 180,000 active users on a weekly basisand 55,000 active users on a daily basis. These registered users belong to 20,000communities across the country.

In accordancewith the strategic plan, “Jiefangqu” is a business-to-business-to-fashion (B2B2F)community service platform that provides free, open and tailor-made services for the propertymanagement industry in China. “Jiefangqu”, Colour Life andHome E&E are the three major components of the community and commercial service ecosystem.

Currently, “Jiefangqu”has signed cooperation agreements with 328 property companies nationwide tobuild an alliance of property owners who belong to a total of 1,514communities across the country. In particular, Fantasia will have in-depth collaborationswith 146 of the property companies on free-of-charge service platform, jointoperation and provision of management service.

On 12 August2015, the 2015 Bo’ao PropertyForum, a conspicuousevent in the industry, was held in Hainan. Inthat annual event,Mr. Pun Jun, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Fantasia was named “2015China’s Most Influential Person in Property Sector”, while Home E&E was awarded the title of “2015 China’sMost Innovative in Resorts Property Operation”. The innovative business modelof Fantasia has been increasingly recognized and considered as an excellent example by the industry.