Colorful Life(1778.HK)the China's biggest community service provider
As a subsidiary of Fantasia, Colorful Life Service Group is one of the top 100 first class property companies in mainland China. Colorful Life turns the community entity into an internet platform with a large database by using the internet gene to reorganize traditional property, starts and advocates the V2.2 model of property service based on informatization in the property industry. Besides, Colorful Life Group has established the community service platform as a carrier to other business sectors such as financial service, aged care services, culture & tourism, etc. for the purpose of providing the residents with an all-rounded community service and creating more user value. With an ideal of "bringing the community service to every home", Colorful Life has realized the basic conditions for standard services and platform providers. By the aid of the internet platform and the APP system of Cloud of Color, the property manager can render a door-to-door service, build up a micro business circle within one kilometer and so on to provide the clients with an on-line or off-line service experience of high quality.
By the end of August 2014, the total area of the properties managed by Colorful Life has reached more than 185 million square meters, becoming China's biggest community service provider with a surging expectation to be the leader in the industry.
The group is the first to start and advocate the V2.2 model of property service based on informatization in the industry, establish the platform for community service evaluation system so that better service can be provided to owners by exhibiting the resources on the platform.
The group relies on the basic property service to accumulate client resources and brand effect. Centering on the "community service", the group reduces the traditional business charge and enhances the clients' comprehensive experience by giving back to the community residents in the way of credits through the extended and creative business platform of the industrial chain.
Colorful Life (1778.HK) the first stock of community operation in mainland China
On July 30, 2014, Colorful Life(1778.HK), a subsidiary of Fantasia, was listed successfully, the first stock of the community operation in mainland China appearing officially on the international financial stage. Colorful Life IPO attracts a lot of investors with internet gene such as 360, Sina e-house and Soufun, etc. leading the community O2O trend and being popular in capital market.