Founded in October 2012, Fantasia Culture Tourism Management Co., Ltd mainly covers the businesses of hotels, golf, high-end city clubs, private clubs, theme parks and art museums, etc. Based on Fantasia’s previous property business, Culture Tourism Group accumulates the culture & tourism resources and has by far allocated special areas for culture & tourism property in Chengdu, Suzhou, Shanghai, etc.

In addition, Culture Tourism Group keeps an open mind in internationalization and has by far cooperated with the US and Taibei on hotel projects.
Business Scope
Culture Tourism Group—— Daxigu International Country Club
Culture Tourism Group——Hotel Business
Culture Tourism Group——Shanghai Golf Club
Culture Tourism Group——Wisdom·Art Museum
Culture Tourism Group——Year of Pleasure
  • Chengdu Daxigu International Country Club is located in Pujang county, the "natural oxygen bar" in China's ecological demonstration zone. The club is the largest and top-level resort in Southwest China with a total planning area of 8,000 mu, including the Changqiushan forest park of 20 square kilometers, the native forest of 3,000 mu and the 200,000 square kilometers of Daxigu with Pujiang River's natural water.

  • Fantasia Hotel Management Co., Ltd was founded in July 2009 and headquartered in Shenzhen, specialized in the investment development and management of boutique hotels,
    Fantasia Hotel Management Co., Ltd is committed to developing independently and establishing the boutique hotels in accordance with Fantasia's "interesting, attractive, practical" space experience, planning our a brand series known as "YOU YUAN, GE YUAN, QU YUAN, QI YUAN" with an impression of oriental gardens.

    In 2013, Fantasia Hotel Management Co., Ltd entered into the leapfrog development stage, completed the layout in North China, East China, Southwest China and South China, formed a business layout extending to Yangtze River and covering Pearl Delta River, laying a solid foundation for the company to enter the national markets and expand to the international markets

    In July 2013, the company signed the letter of intent with the Coridel Capital subordinate to the US Coridel Group about forming the cooperation alliance concerned with the hotel property trust fund project; in August, the company took over the Kangcheng Yangguanglijing Hotel in Ningbo marking that the company had acquired the ability of foreign expansion and output services for its hotel management business.  

  • Shanghai golf club is located in Jiading district of Shanghai. The golf course with a standard 18-hole is designed by the famous Japanese golf course designer Mr. Sato Ketaro, occupying an area of 1,000 mu, with a length of 7,131 yards. The club occupies 3,300 square meters, was opened in May 5, 1996 and fully purchased by Fantasia Group in an official way in February 2013. Now it ranks around 400th among the world' top 500 members. In 2014 the golf course and the club will be renewed and expanded in order to make it the top club in Yangtze River Delta.

  • "Wisdom · Art Museum" is located at the foot of Thousand-year Laojun Mountain in Xinjing county, Chengdu, more than 30 kilometers away from the downtown Chengdu; and it was designed by the famous Japanese architect Mr. Kengo Kuma, with a total area of 2,353 square meters. The VI system of the art museum was designed by the Japanese Nippon Design Center, Inc.  Kengo Kuma grasps the main ideas of Taoism, art and culture in designing Wisdom ·Art Museum, combining the architecture and the nature via the water to make architect fuse with the surroundings silently, reaching a harmony among the heaven, earth and water.

  • Year of Pleasure is a company subordinate to Culture Tourism Group. The "Pleasure & Food & China" is a cultural project based on food with multiple directions aiming to rebuild the relationship between food and people, guide them to pay attention to and protect China's endangered handmade food and traditional food materials by propaganda through readings, book series, and documentary, along with many of on-line and off-line marketing activities.

Wisdom·Art Museum
Daxigu International Country Club