Strategic Upgrade of Community Service Operator Brings New Brand Image Issued by Fantasia

At 20:00, November 29, new brand image “Fantasia Value Creation” blossomed at Funian Plaza, headquarters of Fantasia Group. With the Plaza shining with water waves surrounded by blossoms and splendid lights, the new brand image created by Fantasia together with Kenya Hara, world renowned master of design, came into being.

Sixteen years of rule breaking and innovation accumulated the spirit of “overturn and innovation” in Fantasia corporate culture, making us a leading force in the industry. In 2000, Fantasia, together with Ogilvy & Mather, created the “Fantasia” brand and the slogan of “More Stylish Life” manifested the young, colorful and oriental brand feature of the Company. As the scale of the Company is gradually strengthening and the external environment is changing, the Company established a new business strategy in 2012, endeavoring to “become an interesting and tasteful leader in life space and experience” which has become the development goal of Fantasia.

Facing the new development strategy, Fantasia deeply acknowledges the importance of creating brand strength, realizing brand strategy to guide business strategy as the important trend of development of the industry and decides to upgrade the brand strategy to better fit in the demand of fast development and expansion of the Company.

“The VI Design represents each corporate activity and corporate energy of Fantasia. The charm of color is contained in varied energy.” (By Kenya Hara)

“Fantasia headquarters is in grey, which does not represent “colorlessness” but a mixture of all colors.” (By Kenya Hara) As for Fantasia Group that consolidates all business sectors, New VI adopts the grey mixing all colors instead of colors alone, making it deeper and calmer with its heavy sense and profound meaning.

“Without static monochrome adoption, it captures the changing and strongly color dynamic vitality and energy in 3D form and performs symbolic representation. Design concept of color comprised of accumulation of multiple strengths accurately represents the dimensional business expansion orientation of Fantasia and the great achievements it brings.” (By Kenya Hara)

New brand image of Fantasia uses assorted colors of flowers with each concentrated by gradient 3-layer colors on the basis of diversified colors and differed industrial features, each representing the corporate feature of abundance of innovation and energy among Fantasia.

In the future, Fantasia brand will reflect more of service color, asset-light and flexible capacity to inspire relative personnel inside or outside the Group to keep transcending. Led by such a brand proposition, Fantasia will transfer its own professionalism from old monotonous real estate development to eight community service oriented business operations and continuously integrate internal and external resources by innovation and overturn, activate user value, perform colorful community life and create the biggest community service platform in the world.