About Fantasia
Founded in 1998, Fantasia was successfully listed on the Main Board of The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong in November 2009 under the stock code 1777. Having completed its business strategic layout in the upcoming era of mobile internet and customer big data, Fantasia Group has evolved into a leading financial holding group in China, with a business model driven by financial operations, anchoring on services, and supported by property development. Fantasia conducts full-range of operations and community services, covering eight major areas of value-added services in 181 cities in mainland China, namely – financial services, Colour Life Group, property development, international commercial community services, cultural and tourism, commercial services, senior citizen services and education. So far, the Group has three publicly-listed companies – Fantasia Holdings Group (01777.HK), Colour Life (01778.HK) and Home E&E (834669.CC). It has become the world’s largest residential community service operation provider.

Currently, Fantasia is progressing with its international business expansion plan and has established branches in Hong Kong, Taipei, Singapore and Tokyo as well as investing property development projects in Singapore, the United States of America and Taiwan.
Corporate Vision
It is committing to be the leading industry participant which provides a joyful, colourful and meaningful living space and experience and aims to deliver unique and inspiring living space and experience to value-oriented customers.
Corporate Mission
Provide life space and experience characterized by unique tastes and abundant contents to clients thatpursue value through resources integration; provide inclusive increase and competitive return to shareholders; realize the sustainable growth of strategic cooperative partners and staff; and keep giving back to the society.
Brand Concept & Character
Brand concept: Fantasia creates value.
Brand character: Powerful, prosperous and valuable

Creation-enriched experiences
With innovations in business models driven by in-depth human-touch intuitions, we seek to inject more creative vitality to retail commerce, allowing users to enjoy living spaces and experiences that are full of surprises, commanding unique tastes, rich and eventful.

Diligence-enriched lives
Break through mediocrity, unleash intrinsic potential, create more value with innovative thoughts while adhering to themes and tastes, derive more fun in more self-fulfilling lives.
Break through the ordinariness, explore your own potential, create more value by innovative thought while adhering to the style and taste, discovering more fun and enriching your life.

Improvisation-enriched platforms
With an internet-oriented mentality and an ambition that breaks through conventions, we seek to integrate and assimilate resources in the areas of community services, financial services, retail-commercial, cultural tourism and senior living. We adopt an innovative business model that takes experience enhancement as the core, with persistent refinement and promotion efforts, to enrich customer experiences by maximizing the utility of resources.