Fantasia Announced Contract Sales of RMB0.169 billion for January

On 5 February 2014, Hong Kong, Fantasia Holdings Group Co., Limited (hereafter as ‘‘Fantasia’’ or the ‘‘Company’’; stock code: 1777) announced the sales performance of the Company for January 2014.  Fantasia recorded contract sales of approximately RMB0.169 billion and GFA sold of approximately 28,100 square meters.  


January is traditionally the low season of the property sector.  Affected by the Chinese Lunar New Year holidays, the area sold in all cities across the country decreased significantly compared to last month.  Leveraging the opportunity of large numbers of migrant workers returning home for the Spring Festival, the Company has adopted flexible sales approaches and focused on its products with rigid demand.  Such products, like Chengdu Fantasia Town and Huizhou Fantasia Special Town, are still enjoying a ready sale.


On 4 January, the charity food documentary, namely ‘‘Happiness in Chinese Cuisines’’ (《悅食中國》) produced by the Company and Fantasia Charity Foundation was aired at www.youku.com.  By the end of January, the hits of the documentary at the website have aggregated to nearly 20 million.  The documentary focuses on the relationship between human and food and describes the Chinese traditional handmade food and their founders in China. Prior to that, the documentary has been broadcasted on CCTV-2 and Shanghai TV, and is going to be broadcasted on Phoenix overseas channel during the Spring Festival.


On 6 January, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Company and TCL Corporation,  together with Shenzhen Hai Gu Zhou Property Development Co., Ltd. (深圳市海谷州置業發展有限公司) officially completed the agreement in respect of the transfer of the entire equity interests and indebtedness for the purpose of the acquisition of Huizhou TCL Real Estate Development Co., Ltd.  Part of the projects in Huizhou and Wuhan are set to launch within the year, which will boost the annual sales growth for this year. 


On 8 January, the Company and China Merchants Bank entered into a strategic cooperation agreement at headquarters level, pursuant to which both parties will enter into more extensive and in-depth cooperation in terms of loan development, finance leasing and community finance. 


On 16 January, Fantasia Charity Foundation was awarded the “Best Public Welfare Practice in 2013’’ (2013年度最佳公益踐行獎) and ‘‘Best Public Welfare Communication in 2013’’ (2013年度最佳公益傳播獎) by the Third China Charity Festival Committee (第三屆中國公益節組委會). 


On 17 January, the Company announced the issuance of US$300 million 10.625% senior notes due 2019, which will optimize the debt portfolio of the Company, expand the Company’s source of financing for land acquisition, and also ensure acquisition of value-for-money land in first and second tier cities.