Fantasia Announces Contract Sales of RMB712 million in May 2011, representing a year on year growth of 317%

7 June 2011, Hong Kong – Fantasia Holdings Group Co., Limited (“Fantasia” or “the Company”, HKSE stock code 1777) announced its sales performance in May 2011. The company recorded contract sales of RMB712 million and gross floor area (GFA) of 82,809 square meters sold, posting a year-on-year growth of 317% and 377% respectively. As of 31 May 2011, the Company recorded cumulative contract sales of RMB2.48 billion and GFA of approximately 265,826 square meters sold, representing a year-on-year growth of 166% and 200% respectively. The cumulative contract sales amount has already reached 41% of 2011’s full year sales target of RMB6 billion.


Fantasia’s sales performance in May continues to rise rapidly and its contract sales is more than three times higher than that of May last year. Strong growth is mainly due to the outstanding performance of the Company’s urban complexes, which are less affected by the regulatory measures. The joint sales launch and exhibition of the three core urban complex projects in Chengdu, namely Chengdu Meinian International Plaza, Chengdu Future Plaza and Chengdu Funian Plaza, have further strengthened Fantasia’s position as an expert in Chengdu’s urban complex market. Proceeds from sales of the five urban complex projects, including Shenzhen Meinian International Complex (MIC), Chengdu Meinian International Plaza, Chengdu Future Plaza, Tianjin Hailrun Plaza and Tianjin Future Plaza, accounted for 52% of the Company’s total sales in May. Moreover, the Company’s boutique upscale residence project – Dongguan Mont Conquerant, launched high quality units such as townhouses and sky-houses in May. The project was well received by high-end customers, with impressive sales performance in the local district.


During the May Golden Week, Fantasia participated in the China Real Estate Spring Fair in Shenzhen, Chengdu and Guilin, with a total of 16 projects on exhibition. The scene of customers queuing up to view properties gained much attention. Fantasia’s rapid and vigorous branding development is demonstrated by the sale of over 100 units of Chengdu Fantasia Town, whereas Huizhou Fantasia Special Town Phase One sold over 80% of units in its fourth batch of sales. Sales results of each and every project exceeded expectations significantly.


Currently, Fantasia has 12 projects for sale across China. In June, five new projects will be launched or additional units will be added to existing projects, including Dongguan Wonderland, Wuxi Love Forever, Suzhou Lago Paradise, Guilin Fantasia Town, Chengdu Funian Plaza and Tianjin Future Plaza. These projects are sought after by customers even before the sales launch, which were demonstrated by the large number of customer enquiries. At present, Guilin Fantasia Town Phase One is about to launch the sale of retail shop units to the market. There has been positive response from market and it has even attracted investors from the Pearl River Delta. Chengdu Funian Plaza will launch office towers and apartments for sale, and both are not affected by the restrictive policies on property purchase. Wuxi Love Forever will launch high end units and interested buyers are more than expected. Fantasia is now accelerating the progress of the Wuxi project in order to meet market demand.


In addition, China Real Estate Research Association (CRERA), China Real Estate Association (CREA) and China Real Estate Assessment Center jointly published the “China listed real estate companies evaluation report in 2011” in May, along with the list of the Top 100 overall evaluation of China listed real estate companies in 2011. Fantasia, with its outstanding sales performance and innovative development model, obtained honors as “Top 50 overall evaluation of China listed real estate companies in 2011” and “Top 10 most innovative companies”. Moreover, Fantasia signed a strategic partnership agreement with Shenzhen South Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd (深圳市中建南方裝飾工程有限公司), which will further help to enforce the development and execution of the Company’s dual strategy on product execution of “urban complexes and boutique upscale residences”.