“Pink Utopia" shows up at 798

Fantasia’s 4th Exhibition, "A Journey to Discover Happiness" is opening in Beijing


On June 8th, 2010, Fantasia’s 4th exhibition "A Journey to Discover Happiness" is coming to Art Space 798 in Beijing. Artists Zhao Ruheng, Zhang Xiaogang, Wang Guangyi, Yu Hong, poets Xi Chuan, Zhai Yongming, novelist Li Rui, and playwright Meng Jinghui attended the opening ceremony. At the opening, Ms. Jiang Jie, the principal executive & distinguished artist launched the installation art exhibit entitled "Pink Utopia", expressing her hopes for happiness and a better life.


"A Journey to Discover Happiness" is a public welfare art series which was launched by Fantasia Holdings Group Co., Ltd. (“Fantasia” or the “Company”) in 2006. On June 24th, 2009, the 4th exhibition was officially launched in Beijing. The main executor of the exhibition, Artist Jiang Jie has also implemented a series of art projects - "Thousands of Faces in Different Directions" over the past year. She interviewed numerous celebrities from cultural sectors including artists, musicians, novelists, poets, film directors, philosophers, and scholars, discussing the relationships between their work and their lives. Jiang Jie presented her thoughts and observations on the theme of “happiness” at her solo show[s].

At the opening ceremony, Pan Jun, the mastermind of the project and the Chairman & CEO of Fantasia: "As a leading property developer and property-related service provider, Fantasia promotes the development of the concept of ‘Real Estate as Art,' which is the combination of architectural style and public art. The Company plans to build art museums in two of its projects, the Chengdu Mont Conquerantand the Meinian International, Plaza, both of which are currently under development. Using the concepts of 'Real Estate as Art' in 'A Journey to Discover Happiness', Fantasia aims to appeal to the public not to neglect and forget the good things in life as people face rapid industrialization and urbanization "


During the creative process of “Pink Utopia", artist Jiang Jie put black tiles into pink silk bags and placed them in the gallery to evoke the idea of housing construction. The pink silk roof is like a dreaming carpet creating a home-like utopian atmosphere. The hardness becomes a place where we feel vulnerable and soft. Referring to the show, Jiang Jie said, "Every roof tile is carrying a story, a memory, happiness, delightfulness, hardships and sadness. And all the feelings were hidden in the silk bags with the grey tiles gently to eternity, even if they were broken, memories were still there as ever, so was happiness" Jiang Jie is a female artist who has unique views on the environment and ecology. We can see her conceptions of space, architecture, tradition and reality through her works. Jiang Jie excels in the use of diverse materials to express her views. In recent years, traditional materials such as silk, cotton and paper have been used in her works, contrasting strongly with modern architectural space and reflects her concerns and research on the ontology of art and reality.

About Jiang Jie

Associate Professor, Chinese Central Academy of Fine Arts. She has participated in a multitude of exhibitions at home and abroad. Her works has been collected by Japan’s Fukuoka Art Museum, Museum of Danish Women, Singapore’s National Bot Museum, Guangdong Museum of Art, Beijing Oriental Plaza and many other public institutions, as well as in private collections in the United States, France, Germany and elsewhere.

In June 2009 , she won the "2009 Martell Extraordinary Artist Award"

In December 2009, she won the "2009 Annual Fashion COSMOPOUTAN Women Award"


About Fantasia


Founded in 1996, Fantasia Group is a leading property developer and property-related service provider in China.  Fantasia’s property development portfolio of urban complexes and boutique upscale residences is strategically distributed across four of China’s most economically prosperous regions, namely the Chengdu-Chongqing Economic Zone, the Pearl River Delta, the Yangtze River Delta and the Beijing-Tianjin metropolitan area.


Fantasia was successfully listed on the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong in November 2009 under the stock code “1777”.  Fantasia has created an operating model of bringing property development, property management and property agency businesses under one roof.  It is the only property company in China ranked by the China Real Estate Top 10 Research Team as being among the Top 100 Real Estate Developers in China (2010), the Top 100 Real Estate Agencies in China (2010) and the Top 100 Property Management Companies in China (2009).



Fantasia • A Journey to Discover Happiness

This large–scale initiative was launched by Fantasia in 2006, aiming to complete the discussion on happiness through cooperation with an established artist each year, contributing the power of the Company to social and cultural public welfare undertakings.


The 1st “Fantasia·A Journey to Discover Happiness” was launched in 2006. Zuo Li, the principle executor and well-known photographer from Shenzhen, traveled all over the country to collect the stories of happiness from people of different areas, which deeply touched the hearts of Shenzhen people.

2007, "Fantasia • A Journey to Discover Happiness" chose Wu Xiaoyan, a teacher who has many years of experience in children’s art education, and the “little artists” from the Children Painting Academy were the executors. The collections of inspiration and sketches were exhibited in Shenzhen, Chengdu, Jing Gangshan and other places to guide kids with the depiction of the happiness in their hearts, using color to spray sunshine to the world.

2008, He Muyang, a notable musician, was chosen as the main executor. He traveled to many places including Xinjiang, Gansu and the earthquake stricken area of Sichuan to collect folk songs. He wrote the moving Suite: "Happy Times", "Happy Journey", "Happiness is At The Next Stop" with the most simple music elements. The melody is full of rises and falls and humanistic lyrics dominated by modern rhythms. He Muyang expressed his thoughts on the origin of happiness and his pursuit of music dreams through his Happiness Suite.