[Bigger point] Funian Plaza, a Blessed Blossom in the stream              
Headquartered at Funian Plaza, a landscape garden that features the minimalism, art and ecology in Futian Free Trade Zone, Fantasia Group is sparkling in a pool of water, as if a flower in the stream, blooming.                
The Blessed Swastika                
The headquarter of Futian Square, designed by the leading design company AECOM Shenzhen branch, features a collection of swastika symbolizing good fortune and eternity on its facade. And our brand, “Fantasia”, embedded in these swastikas, is endowed with a unique artistic sense.              
Cross the Water                
Funian Plaza, echoing with its reflection, forms a delightful contrast.              
Shadow of the Game              
The natural lights and lights, casting its shadow on Funian Plaza, makes it alive with vitality.                
Interior Rhythm              
The interior of Funian Plaza is designed by Japanese design company A.N.D who has designed Mandarin Oriental Tokyo. By adjusting the color-ratio of black, white and grey, the interior of Futian Square is therefore revealed to us all.              
Flowers from the Inside Out              
Funian Plaza, as a whole, is a blossom in the stream. And the changing flowers of different colors and kinds brighten the interior, reminding the time passed.