Fantasia saw year-to-date contracted sales surpassed RMB10 billion Home E&E listed on NEEQ to develop “sharing economy”

(7 Dec 2015– Hong Kong) Fantasia Holdings Group Co., Limited (“Fantasia” or the “Company”,which together with its subsidiaries, is referred to as the “Group”; HKEx stockcode: 1777) announces that its accumulated contracted sales for the firsteleven months of 2015 surpassed the RMB10 billion level, thanks to thepersisting rally in transactionvolume in the property market in mainland China.

Perpetuating the relaxed policies governing the property sector since the beginning of the year, the Central Governmentcontinued to encourage property developers to clear their inventories during November.This is a precursor to more new policies to bolster the country’s property market. Meanwhile, a move by the StateCouncil to seek public opinion on the imminent launch of amendments to Regulationson Management of Housing Provident Fund has hinted withdrawals from the HousingProvident Fund will be allowed for a wider range of purposes, adding an extra layer of confidence to the property market.

Thanks to the favourable policies, theproperty market as a whole in mainland China continued its steady recovery in November with significant increases in transactionvolume and prices in first-tier cities.TheGroup perpetuated itsproactive and flexible salesstrategy to tap this window of opportunity. It strengthened its sales efforts and expedited the collection of sales receipts, contributing to the steady growth in sales volume.

The Groupachieved contracted sales of RMB1.004 billion with 125,335 sq.m. in aggregatedgross floor area (“GFA”) sold in November. Outstanding contracted sales performanceswere achieved in Shenzhen, Wuhan, Huizhou, Guilin, Nanjing and Suzhou.  

For theeleven months ended 30 November 2015, the Group recorded contracted sales ofRMB10.11 billion with approximately 1,174,332 sq.m. in aggregate sold GFA,representing year-on-year increases of 17.7% and 3.38%,respectively. The Group has thereby completed 92% of its RMB11 billioncontracted sales target for the year.

While consolidating its competitive advantages in the property business, Fantasia continues its efforts inaccelerating the establishment of its community services platform as part of its light-asset business modeltransformation.  

On 25November 2015 which marked the sixth anniversary of Fantasia’s listing in HongKong, Shenzhen Home E&E Commercial Services Group Co., Ltd. (“Home E&E”),an indirect subsidiary of Fantasia, has received an approval for the listing ofits shares on the National Equities Exchange and Quotations Systems (“NEEQ”)under the stock code: 834669, making it the first listed company in in the businessof short-term rentals and resort property operation. The receipt of theapproval also marked Fantasia’s another successful foray to spin off itsbusiness segments for separate listings following the listing of Colour Life, anachievement that brings the Company closer to its goal of becoming a financialholdings group with finance as a driver, community services as a platform, propertydevelopment as a tool.

The listing onthe NEEQ enables Home E&E to build its independent unique financing platform, improveits corporate capital structure, mitigate business risks, and enhance corporate governance standards and thepublic’s awareness in it as a corporation.

Mr. Pan Jun,Chairman of Fantasia, said that Home E&E would use its independentfinancing platform to speed up the establishment of a comprehensive online-to-offline resortreservation sharing systemin order to tap into thehugepotential of the resortsrental market.

According to the Group’s plan, Home E&E will develop into acompetitive provider of integrated resort solutions, which are powered by itssystem of five core values that integrates activities on an online platform to enablecomprehensive online-to-offline interactions. The offline system comprisesbasic property services, rental agency services, resort tourism services,marketing support for developers and asset custodian services. Meanwhile, theonline platform consists of a basic property management platform, a home-ownermanagement platform, an online reservation platform and a platform oftime-sharing and rights-sharing for resort properties.

Withcommunity service as its core business, there are now three public companies under the Fantasia banner, including Fantasia Holdings, ColourLife (HKEx stock code: 1778) and Home E&E. This gives the Group an unparallelededge in having a multi-vehicles funding platform to finance its development.

As ofNovember, the residential communities under the management of Colour Lifeaggregated 330 million sq.m. in GFA, thus met its 320 million sq.m. target onemonth ahead of schedule.

In addition,Colour Life made solid progresses on its value-added services and its overallbusiness in terms of many measures including operating income and net profit,etc.“Colour Life Residence” extended its network further to Zhangzhou, Fujian. The number of Caizhiyun’s registeredusers hit a record high with rapidgrowth in the number of active users. E-Repair has expanded its market beyond Shenzhento include some other first-tier and second-tier cities. The Group has alsopromoted numerous wealth management products online and, notably, “Caifu Rensheng” (「彩富人生」) saw sharpincreases in its transaction values, exhibiting early signs of unlocking of thehuge potential in the community-basedO2O market.    

On 26November 2015 representatives from about one hundred property enterprises in China visited ColourLife. On 17November, Fantasia was being included on the list of “TOP 50 Listed Property Enterprises with Integrated Innovative Capability” andthe list of “Top 10 in Innovative Operation” compiled byTong Ce Real Estate. These accolades showcased the industry recognition on Fantasia’s strategic transformation.