Driven by Dual Capital Drivers, Fantasia Shifts Towards A light-asset Model at a Faster Pace

(6 August 2014, Hong Kong) — Fantasia Holdings Group Co., Limited (“Fantasia” or “the Group”, stock code 1777) announced that following the listing of Colour Life Services Group Company Limited on the Main Board of Hong Kong Stock Exchange, both the efficiency of Fantasia’s capital operations and the premium gained from the brand have received a significant boost and quickening its shift towards a light-asset model.

As the largest community services operations platform, Colour Life Services Group was listed and has been shining in the capital market, becoming a paradigm for the shift of property companies towards a light-asset business model. Multiple property companies have proposed cooperation plans that Colour Life will leverage to accelerate its pace of acquisition. As of the end of July, the total area managed by Colour Life exceeded 170 million square meters and Colour Life’s leading position in the industry has been more pronounced. On 27 July, Colour Life was awarded as the “Most Innovative Enterprise of the Year” in the 4th Session of China Value Properties Annual Meeting.

Driven by the capital operations and branding of Colour Life, other light-asset businesses have also accelerated. The outlet number of its micro-credit business has been increasing. Hehenian Online has seen a surge in new registered users of the community and in July which fulfilled its full-year membership development target ahead of time. Based on the large number of community resources and community services, “e-finance” launched by Hehenian has been seamlessly linked with the property proprietors served by Colour Life. The market development of the financial leasing business is gathering momentum, as the business is extended to industries such as healthcare, education and energy. Currently, it has a pipeline of 18 projects, with the amount involved exceeding RMB500 million.

As of the end of July, the Property International Company had signed property management agreements on several large-size properties including Changfu Jinmao Tower Chongqing Tencent Building and Longquan Yongbang. Shuangziqiao Day Care Center and the home-based elderly care service stations were in well management and operation, and the elderly care apartments are to be launched. Fantasia’s community senior citizen services starts to unfold its potential.

In addition, Yangzhou Jielong Project, a key project launched by the business management company, had entered into project entrust management agreement on 17 July. Also, the Company has developed Luoyang Dezhong Commercial Project, Changsha Tiancheng Commercial Project, Zhuhai Youte Real Estate, etc., as the business management company’s reserved projects to ensure the signing of light-asset projects within this year and the completion of objectives and plans.

Colour Life’s capitalization surpasses those of many listed real estate enterprises, indicating Fantasia has made success in the current stage of light-asset transformation. For the next step, Fantasia real-estate arm will also launch a brand-new light-asset business model. In July 2014, Fantasia’s property business generated RMB475 million in sales with accumulated contract sales area of approximately 75,000 square meters, which represented a year-on-year increase of approximately 23.06% and 44.07% respectively. Recently, quite a few cities phased out house purchase quota policy and signs of monetary and credit easing started to appear. Such factors are expected to help the market bottom out and stabilize, and Fantasia’s property group will employ more flexible marketing strategies in August.

Mr. PAN Jun, Chairman & CEO of Fantasia, said: “The spin-off listing of Colour Life has lifted the financial market’s confidence in Fantasia, whose overall market capitalization has surpassed HK$10 billion, demonstrating that the Company has forward thinking at capturing market opportunities and a huge potential in further value appreciation.”

While deliver regular and stable returns to shareholders and investors, Fantasia also continues to provide an interesting, tasteful and colorful living space and experience for our customers. The company integrates the social responsibility into the enterprise development strategy, actively participating in social activities, for example the promotion on development of public art. In 21 July, Knowledge•Gallery invested by Fantasia which is located in Laojun Mountain, Chengdu had launched the opening ceremony, feathering Ms. ZENG Jie Baby, the founder of Fantasia, who had a discussion on topics including “how to explore the interaction between human and nature, human and other species through architectural means” with Kengo Kuma, the architect of ZHI Art Museum, and Kenyahara, the chief graphic designer and curator. Afterward, the Gallery held its first exhibition “Design: for our beloved dogs”. In the future, Knowledge•Gallery will be built into a significant platform for art communication, exhibition, research and an art education base in China. The company will continue to explore the professionalization and institutionalization of public good based on the Fantasia Public Welfare fund, and strive to become a significant force on advancing the progress society and sustainable development in the industry.