Fantasia Announces Contract Sales of RMB255 million for February

5 March 2013, Hong Kong – Fantasia Holdings Group Co., Limited (“Fantasia” or “the Company”, Stock Code: 1777) announced its sales results for February 2013. Fantasia recorded contract sales of approximately RMB255 million and gross floor area (“GFA”) sold of 32,317 square meters, which was consistent with the performance of previous year. As of 28 February 2013, the Company recorded accumulated contract sales of approximately RMB1.117 billion and GFA sold of 125,798 square meters.

Fantasia actively expanded the market, maintained relationships with the old customers and remained stable sales by capturing the opportunity of people travelling back to their hometowns during the Chinese New Year Holiday in February. The residential units of Chengdu Fantasia Town and Guilin Fantasia Town continued to record flourish turnovers, with nearly 100 units sold per project. Improved products of Chengdu Grande Valley and Suzhou Lago Paradise achieved better sales performance compared with similar products in the market through our excellent resources and sound project planning. Commercial products like Nanjing Yuhuatai Project and Chengdu Long Nian International Huashengtang maintained outstanding sales performance because of our innovative products and marketing strategies.

There will be additional units in our seven existing projects to be launched in March, including residential units of Dongguan Wonderland, Huizhou Fantasia Special Town, Guilin Fantasia Town and Tianjin Love Forever, as well as shop units and commercial lofts of Chengdu Long Nian International Center, and service offices of Chengdu MIC Plaza.

Fantasia“HYDE” Hotel (Belle Epoque) soft-opened grandly on 1 February . The Hotel is located in the foothills of Laojun Mountain, Xinjin County, Cheungdu, neighboring the Art Gallery with elegant environment and pleasant scenery. The place is famous in Sichuan Province due to its Taoist architecture and grand temple Laojunmiao fair. “HYDE” Hotel offers accommodation, food, beverage, health physical therapy and other services to promote the philosophy of ultimate pursuit of healthy living with a wealth of original ecological natural landscape and the introduction of healthy culture. Fantasia has entered the hotel business for five years.  The Company has strengthened cooperation with internationally renowned hotel management companies like Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide. Besides, the Company has started to build self-hotel brand and planned four different product lines. Other than “HYDE” Hotel, Shenzhen “U” Hotel has also been in operation. The Company is expected to run 12 hotels with different scales and product lines in the next 3 to 5 years.