Report Scope:
The website accepts effective report and complaint by staffs of Fantasia Group and third party, in real name or anonymous.
Valid complaint standard: Informed object and facts are clear with adequate evidence.
Report Responsibility
1.Informant shall abide by national laws and regulations and shall not damage legitimate interest of others.
2.Report content shall be objective and true without fabrication, distortion of facts and frame.
Report Disposal
1.We will register and evaluate report content and start investigation and evidence collection upon receipt of report. As for real-name report, specially-appointed person from Audit & Supervision Department will reply or directly contact the informant and feed investigation results back to the informant within 2 working days upon receipt of report.
2.Staff or unit verified to have problems will be suggested to go through severe disposal by the Company according to relevant provisions.
Other Hints
We encourage the use of real-name of your own in the report which will be prioritized, with timely feedback of acceptance and disposal conditions.
As for informants who intend to redeem or reduce economic loss, we will provide a certain amount of bonus.
We promise to keep strict confidentiality towards personal information of real-name informants and report contents to make sure your report is safe without future worries.
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