Fraudulent Behavior
Fraudulent behavior refers to fraud and other illegal or irregular means taken by staffs of the Company to impair rightful economic interests of the Company and to seek illegitimate benefits.
One of the following situations belongs to fraudulent behavior:
(I) Demand or receive bribery and collect brokerage.
(II) Illegally use or occupy company assets and embezzle, divert or steal company property.
(III) Transfer the transaction that can benefit the Company under normal situations to others.
(IV) Forge or alter accounting records or vouchers and deliberately conceal or misstate transaction for illegitimate personal benefits.
(V) Use inside information to damage the Company’s profit or to seek personal interests.
(VI) Disclose the Company’s commercial or technical secrets.
(VII) Violate general principles for procurement and manipulate bidding or bid-inviting results.
(VIII) Participate in improper social activities of business associates that aim at illegitimate profits from the Company: frequent or luxurious banquet of entertainment activities, gambling gatherings and other activities of gambling nature.
(IX) Offer license, certificate, design drawings, R&D results, technical schemes and other documentation or samples to other units or individuals without the Company’s approval.
(X) Conduct other fraudulent behaviors that damage the Company’s economic profits or seek illegitimate economic profits.