Aged Care Public Welfare—Plan for Healthy of Community Aged Care
“Healthy Aged Care Service Center”, funded by Shenzhen Fantasia Public Welfare Foundation, is a private non-enterprise organization established after being reviewed and approved by the local civil affairs department to actively respond to the“9073” aged care plan issued by government. It provides professional and comprehensive community aged care service and home convenience aged care services for communities and residents.

At present, the “Shenzhen City Nanshan District Healthy Aged Care Service Agency” has been registered in Shenzhen and was located in Yueliangwan Villa in Nanshan, Shenzhen and opened on September 30, 2013. Up to now, 366 old people have been served and various activities have been held such as free clinic.

Chengdu City Yangqu District Healthy Aged Care Service Center and Huaqu District Healthy Aged Care Service Center were registered and opened in 2013.