Official Delivery of Chengdu Huajun Phase Ⅳ Residential Housing and Shops

August 28 saw the official delivery of Chengdu Huajun Phase Ⅳ Residential Housing and Shops. As the last owners went through the receipt procedures, the four-year endeavor beginning from 2006 for Huajun, the residential community which integrates the hard work and wisdom of our Chengdu company, came to an officially successful end. At 8:00am, the whole community was immersed in a clear and bright air. A few birds were dancing among green bushes, and old people were playing games with children on play ground. All seemed serene and tranquil. At 9:00am, some clients came to the housing receipt area. Our customer service, financial, engineering and property management personnel were already waiting to provide service. With sweet smile on face, all our staff were enthusiastic to entertain relevant guests. In order to provide good environment for owners to wait for procedures with patience, our staff arranged a special waiting area for owners. Meanwhile, we prepared tea and candies, so as to let owners to feel the family-like warmth once they step into the community. It was said that official housing delivery procedures were concentrated to handle between 28th and 30th.