Grand Hosting of Shenzhen Huajun Product Release

In the morning of August 23, Shenzhen Huajun Product Release and Hundred Flowers Award Grant Ceremony were grandly held in Shenzhen Crowne Plaza. The officiating guests of the product release stepped onto the stage, launched the digital ball of Huajun, and announced the official launch of Huajun project. VIP client favorable registration was also under way. Two managers of product branch, Ding Shaofeng and Duan Xinrong made featured speech for the construction planning and garden design of Huajun, Four-Brightness (bright kitchen, washing room, living room and bedrooms) layout and standard for refined decoration, giving detailed introduction to the strength layout type and product features, so as to deepening clients’ understanding of Huajun products. At last, Fantasia Group, the major sponsor of “September 12th Xu Wei’s Shenzhen Today Concert”, arranged luck draw for the tickets of Xu Wei’s Concert. 5 lucky clients were picked out and granted lucky ticket. Meanwhile, Huajun Hundred Flowers Award Grant Activity was held to grant prizes to the awarded guests of Chinese Valentine's Day Activity.

Huajun was located in the vicinity of Bao’an District Stadium, the core of Bao’an central area. It is another large boutique community for small dwellings developed by the group under its development philosophy—Make Life More Distinctive in Style. As the enhanced work following the successful development experience in urban boutique projects, such as Fairyland, Jinshanghua, YiShu Huaxiang, Huahaoyuan and Huagang, it is the prime masterpiece developed with the experience of more than 10 years. Huajun, the largest community of boutique small dwellings under construction in Bao’an central area, was developed in two phases—Southern Area and Northern Area. There are apartment for the single, one-bedroom apartment and two bedroom apartment.