Fantasia Sponsored Xu Wei’s Shenzhen Today Concert

On July 28th, news release of Xu Wei’s Shenzhen Today Concert sponsored by Fantasia, was held on the first floor of Shenzhen Media Group. Group Brand Director Tang Haiyan and Sales Director of Shenzhen company Zhang Jie attended the news release on behalf of the company, and made the speech.

Xu Wei’s Shenzhen Today Concert will be hosted at Shenzhen Stadium on September 12th (Saturday). With Shenzhen boutique property developer Fantasia Group as the title sponsor, the concert will be held under the cooperation of Star Judian Culture & Art Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Meisha Music Front Base and Feiyang 971 Program of Shenzhen Media Group. In order to respond to Shenzhen’s development strategy of “culture –based city” and build Shenzhen into a cultural creative center with worldwide influence, Fantasia will fully support Xu Wei’s Shenzhen Today Concert, share the culture feast which deserves our waiting, and make our efforts for Shenzhen’s strategy of “culture-based city”.As another Flower Series brand project of small dwellings following Jinshanghua, Huahaoyuan and Huagang developed by Fantasia Shenzhen company, Huajun, with 2280 units in total located in the core of Bao’an central area, provides apartment for the single, one-bedroom apartment and two-bedroom apartment, ranging from 30 to 74 square meters in area. It is planned to develop in two phase—Southern Area and Northern Area, and Southern Area will be launched first.

Huajun boasts position strength as one of the double center of Shenzhen, with Metro Line1# and Line 5# near the site. In the five-minute living circle, there are Walmart, Rainbow, West Bank Business Mall, Bar Street, 40,000-people stadium, natatorium, music hall, library and offshore yacht club. On the background of precious housing development resource in Bao’an central area, with pure pattern of small dwellings and large community, Huajun’s living value and rare value are unparalleled.
 Hand-in-hand, media and enterprises come to whether the winter of financial crisis together. Yesterday afternoon, Nanfang Daily Group held grand signing ceremony with Fantasia Group for the settlement in Future Plaza. Both cooperation parties will together build this creative culture industrial base in Shenzhen OCT area, so as to contribute to Shenzhen’s goal—Capital of Design. Zhang Dongming, Deputy Chief Editor of Nanfang Daily Group said that Nanfang Daily was willing to achieve the glory of post-financial crisis era together with Fantasia Group.

It is said Future Plaza is located in OCT business circle. Nanfang Daily Group will regard the position strength as the new radiation original, and by combining its media resource in Shenzhen, planning for the information of Guangzhou and Shenzhen, and strengthening the cooperation between Shenzhen and Hong Kong, further climb to the high peak of media on today’s basis. Pan Jun disclosed that they had already submitted the application to culture industry department to build Future Plaza into creative culture industrial base. “Its initiative 4.8-meter high office area meets the need of creative cultural enterprises”.


“Fantasia’s philosophy is in coherent with that of Nanfang Daily, which is the condition for cooperation”, the view of Zhang Dongming was also recognized by Pan Jun, President of Fantasia Group.


Possessing 11 newspaper, 7 magazines, 3 websites and 1 press, Nanfang Daily Group is known as a media group with clear positioning, rational structure, the best comprehensive operation and the most influential in China. The business of Nanfang Daily, Nanfang Metropolis News, 21st Century Business Herald and Oeeee wetsite under the group see rapid growth in Shenzhen.
“I personally value high of the media under Nanfang Daily Group, such as Nanfang Metropolis News and Southern Weekend. I hope Nanfang Daily’s settlement will attract more young and creative cultural enterprise to form industrial cluster, making efforts to Shenzhen into the capital of design and a pionerring city.