Junshan 95% Hot Sales—A Miracle in Dongguan Housing

Fantasia Junshan Project which is located due east of Mt. Huangqi, zero distance from Fengjing Golf, was officially opened on August 8th. It was a clear day with high sun. One could have a distinct view of rolling Mt. Huangqi. The red sloping roof of new classic villas was extremely beautiful under the blue sky.

As the last pure low-density detached villa housing around Mt. Huangqi, Junshan, integrated with precious urban resource essence, has always being the focus of all walks of life. On August 1st, the public selection day, although the posted price was higher than expected, Junshan villas were still reserved like hot cakes during public selection. On August 8th, the official opening day, all Junshan villas were sold out. It was said that among 41 Junshan villa units, 38 units were sold on the official opening day, with main strength in townhouse and low-density semi-detached villa.On the morning of August 8th, Junshan Opening ceremony was held before the luxurious building king which, 30 million yuan in value, had unparalleled style. The site was full of colorful followers and flooded with people. The ceremony began at 9:45 am, the propitious time assessed by geomancer. Many leaders attended the ceremony, such as Mr. Chen Geng, Deputy General Manager in Operation, Ms. Li Chuanyu, Financial Director, Ms. Zhang Jie, Sales Director, and Mr. Zhang Gunan, Chief Constructor from property sub-group, Fantasia Group (China) Ltd., Ms Lu Ying, General Manager of Shenzhen Xingyan Property Consulting Co. Ltd., and Mr. Jin Jianglin, General Manager of Dongguan Fantasia Property Investment Co. Ltd. Leaders co-launched the electronic crystal ball, symbolizing the opening. With thunderous salvo and drumming, as well as dancing color strips, the site was bustling with excitement.

Ms. Zhang Jie, Sales Director of Fantasia property sub-group addressed the ceremony, giving an introduction about the history and nationwide strategy of Fantasia Group. On behalf of Fantasia Junshan, Mr. Jin Jianglin, General Manager of Dongguan Fantasia Property Investment Co. Ltd gave a speech to express his warm welcome of all the guests, thank the attention and care for Junshan, and deliver the information that Junshan was not only for villas, and large area high-rise housing will be released in 2010. He also announced the official launch of Fantasia Club recruitment. Later, there was lion dancing performance. After a series of set pattern performance, the four “lions” grabbed “Lishi” hanging high at the front gate of building king villa and unfolded the couplet –everything goes well and good fortune, promoting the activity to the climax.

After the successful opening ceremony, guests were invited to have a buffet in the prestigious and luxurious building king villa. Cocktail, cold drinking, fruits, cake, pastry, etc. The whole villa presented a grand feast, demonstrating to the clients the high-end life style advocated by Junshan.

Junshan, the luxurious product developed by Fantasia Group is a good demonstration of the principle—building the best house at the best position. From the perspective of high standard of position, facilities as well as property management form and service, it is easy to figure out that Dongguan Junshan is a representative masterpiece of luxurious housing of Fantasia Group. Its rareness makes it the lasting market tracing target. In 2009, Junshan becomes the only low-density detached villa housing which is selling in the area. It is rare, difficult to copy or renew, making Junshan the top pure low-density detached villa housing in Dongguan. It is also the reason why the villas were sold like hot cake on the opening day though the price was higher than expected. The perfect facilities like Dongcheng Center and Fengjing Golf are also the selling point of Junshan project.