The 4th "Fantasia • Happiness Discovery Trip" launched in Beijing

In June 24th, the 4th "Fantasia • Happiness Discovery Trip" Arts program launched in Beijing. Fantasia Group (China) Co., Ltd. announced that the artist Jiang Jie as the main executor of this year's "Happiness Discovery Trip", who will carry out a series of art project with the theme of "Directions in the Hundreds of Thousands of Faces".

"Fantasia • Happiness Discovery Trip" is a large-scale public service art activities initiated by Fantasia Group from 2006, aimed at complete the discovery the contemporary Chinese people’s topic about the "happiness", by annually cooperated with a young artists, through the way of art creation and exchanges, in order to contribute to social public cultural undertakings. In the last "Fantasia • Happiness Discovery Trip", the main executor is the famous musician He Muyang.In the coming year, the artist Jiang Jie will carry out art plan named "Directions in the Hundreds of Thousands of Faces ". The plan includes a series of personage interviews, which covers many cultural giants, including the poet Ouyang Jianghe, Zhai Yongming, artist Xu Bing, theater director Meng Jinghui, composer Guo Wenjing and so on, they will discuss the relationship between their works and happiness, to participate in the completion the plan. Jiang Jie explained that because the last two trip mainly focused on the general people and people living at the bottom of the society, this time we hope to realized the continous, and promote the ways and levels on the past basis. We will turn our eyes to those who have certain achievements in every fields, and elites and scholars who have their own understanding on the topic of “ finding happiness”.

When the interview is completed, the artist will further give her ‘feedbacks’. She will hand out the content of interviews to students, asking them to give their own reaction, agree, disagree, sarcasm, no reaction, daze, etc., are all we expect, and showing their reactions in convenient and visual ways. Jiang Jie believes that this plan may be difficult and unsuccessful, but no matter successful or not, the result is expected, Perhaps the unsuccessful result just illustrate the difficulty of finding happiness.


At the end of this trip, Jiang Jie will presented her observation and thinking in the form of her own exhibition. In her current scenario, the exhibition will be divided into two parts: noisy and calm. She will select the flashing part and language of the previous two segments. Form a comprehensive sculpture art exhibition in forms of sculpture, installations and documentaries. All the noise in the exhibition is pointing to a state of quiet contemplation, to alert the possibility of inner happiness.