Shenzhen Real Estate held 08 Apprentice Report Meeting of the Project Department

In the morning of June 12, at the large conference room of 28th floor, the Shenzhen Real Estate held the 2008 session of the engineering apprentices report meeting. They conducted series of research and report on the subjects like under-reamed pile, bearing platform construction quality control measures, who were against the drilling pile and pile cap construction quality control measures, Flower Port after Project maintenance, static pile construction summary, canteen steel structure construction, and combined with the problems encountered at work, made a summary and analysis, and put forward reasonable proposals to solve the problems.

Commercial Director of Shenzhen Real Estate Projects Hu Liuding, Manager of GM office Huang Yun, Project Manager Guo Shengwei, Zhou Jianjun, and senior engineers Yuan Bo, Liu Yang participated in and listened to the report gave the fully recognition, put forward the new expectations and demands for their future works. At the end of the meeting, the apprentices conducted the further exchanges and discussions about the existing problems.