Mayor of Chengdu Ge Honglin and his entourages visited Great Valley

In June 3, Deputy Secretary of Chengdu CPC, Mayor Ge Honglin, Mayor Assistant, Government Secretary-General Mao Zhixiong, Government Deputy Secretary-General, Director of Tourism Bureau Deng Gongli and other 20 people’s delegation came to Pujiang County to inspect and guide the work, did a in-depth investigation on the agriculture development, industrial economic development, and real estate market.

At 3 pm, Ge Honglin and his group, accompanied by secretary Shi Yuehua of Pujiang County drove to great valley, received by Director Song of Pujiang company personally and inspect the Diquan groupⅠvilla area and sample display area. During the inspection, Director Song introduced the development progress of Great Valley, project sales and customer’s reflects to Great Valley. Mayor Ge Honglin gave full marks for Diquan groupⅠvilla area, expressed approval to the concept of creating “1st Holiday Life Valley”, fully affirmed the outstanding contribution the Great Valley made to the development Pujiang’s tourism economic and real estate market, while have high hopes to the overall development of project. In the meantime, the mayor Ge Honglin and Dierector Song had a cordial conversation on the followed-up products, project and holiday facilities.