Fantasia “Amway Cup” Basketball Game was launched.

At 10:00 on May 16, hosted by Shenzhen Fantasia property Management Company and Colorful Life network platform, sponsored by Amway (China) Commodities Co., Ltd, basketball game officially kicked off in the Cambridge of Buggi city. The game carried forward the Amway’s concept of Healthy Life and Happy Movement, deepened the colorful life’s service content of “enrich the community culture, and promote the harmonious between neighborhoods”. The game will be lasted until the mid of the August, held in more than 90 large communities in every district in Shenzhen, over 50,000 families , 250,000 people will join in, who will be divide into 2 groups as children group and adult group.

First to elect the champion team from each community’s internal match, and then to elect the final winner team from community vs. community match. All victory teams and winners will be listed on the site of colorful life, published on the colorful life magazine and posted on the board in every community.