Fantasia’s Client Yacht Gathering Held at Longcheer

At present, an exchange feast for creative thoughts—property client activity and Property Creative Design Forum organized by Shenzhen Fantasia Colorful Living Technology Co., Ltd was held at Shenzhen Nan’ao Longcheer Yacht Club on this 24th. Near 60 directors and executives from famous property development enterprises in Shenzhen, Huizhou and Dongguan, as well as professional building design companies, such as Shenzhen Vanke Building Design Consulting Co., Ltd. and Australia Pedde Thorp (Melbourne), were invited to attend. In line with the philosophy of Fantasia Group—Create Value for Clients, Shenzhen Fantasia Colorful Living Technology Co., Ltd. built “colorful living” property management system in a creative way in the industry. This activity is aimed to build an exchange platform for property developers.

At the forum, through the fancy of ideal living city, the guests were thinking what kind of mission should property developers to shoulder for urban construction. They also discussed how could property development-related design stage, such as building and garden landscape, demonstrate the style of a city, culture heritage, enhancement of living comfort and eco-environment protection, integrated the importance of creative design in property development for the focus on creative design will affect an enterprise’s competitive edge in the market, pointed out that creative design originated from the love for life and it was not only a kind of market behavior, but also served to create ideal living environment. Creative design demonstrates the dialogue between property and the city. Property developers should take an overall view for maintaining sustainable development of natural resource and respect the past, today and future of a city. In this way, the buildings can stand the test of time, and the distinctive cultural brand of a property developer can be established.