Group held the midyear summarizing meeting

During July 11th and 12th , the two-day midyear summarizing conference of 2009 was held at a large conference room of Hailrun Complex, 28th floor, The related middle-and top-level managers from group and Shenzhen, Dongguan, Chengdu, Pujiang, Tianjin, Yixing, Xingyan, property management companies attended the meeting. At the meeting, after listened to all the midyear summarizing reports of all subsidiary companies, Chairman Ms. Tseng and President Pan Jun affirmed the efforts and good performance made by all colleagues over the past six months, analyzed insufficiencies of the work and found out the root of the problems, put forward the higher demand for the works in the following next half of year. 

COO of Shenzhen Real Estate, Chen Geng highlighted in his report that: the company will strengthen the communication about the product designing, solve the designing problems through the mechanism way, classify and sum up the past successful projects, and enhance the experiences exchanges and relative knowledge accumulation between the real estate companies and property companies by staff training and exchange views, hope the HR department could provide companies at other places corresponding support with their hiring activities, so as to promote the resource allocation.

General manager of Chengdu Company, Liu Zongbao pointed out the direction for further improvement in his report that: explore new models and methods in the cost and business management, ensure the planned timescale of projects, set forth the high standards and strict requirements in engineering management; at the mean time, strengthen the timely feedback of the progress of each project, share the progress of undispatched assets; strengthen the understanding about the financial system, arrange the financial personnel in their position as soon as possible; accurately master the company's advantage, timely communicate with banks about the financing information, and try to expand the number of cooperative banks.

GM of Dongguan company Mr. Jin, GM of Tianjin company Mr. Feng, GM of Chengdu co-companies Mr. Song, and GM of Yixing company Mr. Xu respectively made their overall summarization and foretold the prospects in terms main points as project schedule, sales situation and market prospects. According to some specific issues, the top-managers in charge of each business collected the wisdom of all attendants and put forward the solutions. President Pan individually reviewed achievements of each company made over the past six months, also pointed out the factors and solution ways that restricting the further development of companies, and put forward the higher requirements for their business development in the second half year.

President Pan addressed that the middle-level executives are the backbone of the group, and expressed his expectation for everyone to listen more, understand more and to ask if any unclear, hope everyone to join in the future development of Fantasia Group. The year of 2009 is an unprecedented challenge for Fantasia Group, is a test of our ability to tackle with the difficulties. The economic situation successively experienced the ‘cold winter’, ‘spring weather’ and ‘hot summer’. An enterprise will go further in the hardships. Although in the first half of this year, the business performance showed sound momentum, the company's future development will meet more difficulties. The market environment remains gloomy. There is still a long way to go in the second half year, and now it is a new start of second development stage, all managers from top to middle levels are desired to become tense up, standing at the height of the Group to evaluate their own problems, the direction of future development, and grasp opportunities for development.

At the end of the meeting, President Pan made some explanation works on the "2009 Mid-year Adjustment of Performance Management Responsibility ", and issued a general mobilization for successful completion of goals of next half of year.