New staffs of 2009 has report!

July 15th is the day for new staffs to report. The new pillars of the Group annual report of the day, their face have revealed a kind of freshness and excitement. After finishing the entry formalities, they replaced with the new T-shirts of Fantasia, gathered at the large conference room at 28F. At the 4 pm, to welcome the new staffs, the HR Department of Group organized mobilization training meeting, the president Pan Jun and other top executives were invited to have close contact with the new staffs. During a half-hour mobilization meeting, President Pan taught the new staffs a lively first carrier lesson by sharing his own experiences, and proposed three major requirements "choice, tolerance, adherence” and his expectations. After the meeting, the new staffs driven to the national defense training base in Shenzhen, began their 16-day closed military training.

This time group received total of 25 new staffs, including 2 of Group, 7 of Shenzhen, 5 of Chengdu and 11 of Colorful Life Tech. they are all undergraduate and master's graduates from renowned universities in mainland and even HK and Macao. Through the military training and induction training, they will endeavor into different works as law services, engineering, marketing, property management. The injection of new blood will further enhance the energy and vitality of Fantasia, also will promote the constant development of the new-staff training plan.