ianjin Hailrun Complex held the public unveiled ceremony.

On May 30, the Mei Jiangnan’s masterpiece, Hailrun Complex unveiled with great fanfare. The deputy head of Hexi District Mr. Jiang, the Chief Mal of Economic Cooperation Office of Hexi District, Advertising Director of Tianjin Daily Newspaper Group, the Executive Vice President of ‘Daily News’ Mr. Deng Xiaofeng, Deputy General Manager of Jin Wan Bao Media Advertising Co., Ltd. Mr. Du Jianhui, the former Director of Tianjin Zhongyuan company Mr. Yin Zehuan, Executive Vice President of SouFun Web Miss Han Xuewen are invited to participate in this event. Group leaders are very concerned about the sales of Hailrun Complex. President Zhang of group’s sales center and President Chang of Property Company have also arrived to offer congratulations.

The main stars of TV play "Struggle" and "My youthfulness", Zhu Yuchen and Zhao Ziqi arrived at the sales center of Hailrun Complex and attended the opening ceremony, conducted the on-site interaction with arrived citizens, and discussed artificial life style, shared LOFT living experience. The star’s field interactions, cultural performances, lucky draws and other exciting parts entirely lighted the flame of the fashion settlement patterns. Needless to say, the complex instinctive temperament of youth will bring more young buyers surprising changes.

As the flagship of Square, the small house in Great Meijiang is very scarce that attracted most attention of the general public. The real number of event visitors at the day of the event was more than 600 people (including 170 old clients of 94 group, 310new customers of 178 Group, the other 66 groups visited in the afternoon. Except new and old clients, about 100 people standed outside and watched the event). By the day of May 31 (4 sets were forced to sold out on 29th through lucky draw, 7 sets on 30th, 4 sets on 31st, while accumulated intent clients 5-8sets) Totaled 15 sets, accumulative added up to 143 sets. Whether the simple and bright color of the exhibition, or the cool T-shirt of staffs, both embodied the project’s instinctive LOFT spirit of "My youth, I decide,".