Fantasia organized new staff education support program

Over the past two years, Fantasia continued to practice enterprises’ and citizen’s responsibilities, successively donated the Hope Primary Schools in Ji’an County of Jiangxi Province and in Pujiang County of Sichuan Province. The Fantasia •Ji’an Hope Primary School, completed construction and realized the enrollment expansion the year before last. As Fantasia’s whole-hearted support, the Hope School attracted a large number of primary and secondary students studying at urban schools around the village. So far, the school has 18 classes, more than 40 teachers, more than 1,000 enrolled students, and its service can covering around 10 km, 12 village committees, and 2.6 million villagers.

Fantasia is dedicated to be a century-old enterprise, so it also expects to build the Hope School as a century-old famous school. On the ground of Ji’an, Fantasia is not only going to build a beautiful campus, but also to cultivate students with humanistic spirit. The current Fantasia Hope School year is imperative to establish a high-quality teaching team, to improve teaching level. Thus, in early spring of 2009, the Group officially issued the "teaching program", proposed initiatives to all new staffs of 2008 session involve themselves as teachers in the Hope School’s education works, to implement social responsibility together with Fantasia, to serve and return society with practical actions.

It is reported that, the first phase of the education support program: From 2009 Feb. to Jun. , in the form of voluntary registration, the volunteers will be firstly elected by Brand Management Centers and HR Department, and finally approved and conformed by President. During the teaching period, the staff will be evaluated comprehensively by principal of the school, in terms of teaching morality, ability and other. The best one will be rewarded the same as the best employee, and enjoy the prior opportunities for promotion and development in the following education support programs.