Pan Jun: the right time to invest in high-quality property of core area

Firstly, with receded this round of economic tide, the way of relying on the development to facilitate the design of sales has became old-fashioned. Only those with good quality can be existed on the real estate market, and the developers will be more emphasis on the quality of product. Customer recognized high-quality properties will play the lead role. the price control by Government and the real estate companies will become more rational. Area, location, applications, environment, maturity will become the buyers’ first conditions. The investment in the high-quality properties in the core area will be more valuable than money being paid.

Secondly, the real estate market has a severe problem of polarization. The price is not equivalent to the quality. The high-quality properties in the core of Shenzhen have not reached their real value. They are the mature and high-end properties with perfect structures and landscape, and monopoly possess the scarce resources of the city. Its appreciation is faster than the economic development and the accumulation of personal wealth, so under this situations of depressed real estate market and prices becoming more rational,  the investment high-quality investment properties in the core area of Shenzhen, undoubtedly is a correct choice. Perhaps in the near future, you will realize that you are so lucky to buy a house there.

Thirdly, the competitive core of the real estate is the location. Regardless of which city, lands at the good location will always be the battlefield for real estate companies. In the mind of buyers, houses at the good locations always have the best inflation-against and appreciation potential. Therefore, high-quality properties built on the good locations will undoubtedly the most competitive. The core area of Shenzhen is just the showcase of the good location. The place has form for a long time, with good, natural environment and all kinds of accumulations; the thick cultural atmosphere is on the spot. The more and more qualified talents gathered here, good services was constantly upgraded, high-quality property and supporting facilities are fairly completed. Even facing to the financial crisis, the market downturn and prices drop, the properties here experienced a relatively small price fluctuation, which reflected the real strength of the properties.