Xing Yan topped the "08 Real-estate Advisory Brand List"

2008 taught all real estate planners a lesson of "To survive in hard situations", How to help best to help developers to explore the maximum potential of the product itself, to overcome buyers’ strong expectant attitude, find hope in despair, and to hand over a excellent sales transcripts, it stumped lots of real estate advisory agents. 2008 Xing Yan real estate appointed buildings up to15, its remarkable record pushed it topped in the "08 Real-estate Advisory Brand List".

According to the reports, the reasons for Xing Yan to top in the list are: facing to the tough environment of real estate market in 2008, as the key element of value chain of real estate industry, Xing Yan hold a positive attitude, made a quick adjustment, and set up a flat style management structure. By doing these, it not only ensured the smooth operation of projects, but also achieved good results in the years to come. "Future Plaza", as the first workshop-style office building sold with different properties in Shenzhen, Xing Yan successfully forged the image of "north of the city • internationalized • ecological featured • office building Headquartered ", and was the office building sales champion on area of Shenzhen in 2008.

In 2008, while realizing the benefit brought by the opening of the second channel, "Hilly Time" opened timely, created a 100% sales record within 70 days. Regarding to the upgraded service, Xing Yan actively integrating the internal property management resources within Fantasia Group on the base of third-level market channel, and set up Xing Yan Specialty Community Shop, making full use of over 100 management community and 500,000 owners of Fantasia Property, to provide an effective channel support, for developers.