Shenzhen Fantasia•Harbor successfully Joined in

Shenzhen is an immigrant city with highly competitiveness. It is a dream of most of people in this city to have a ‘warm harbor’, Now, the elaborate Fantasia•Harbor offered this chance for immigrants in Shenzhen. Estate to create tricks on the year • Flower to Hong Kong to their homes for many people floating in Shenzhen, provides such an opportunity. Fantasia•Harbor is positioned as boutique hotel-style apartments, its single room, single suite and couple suite can meet needs of owners of different ages. The unique location by mountains and water surrounding, and the sound ecological environment are bright light that attract peoples’ eyes.

In order to let pre-purchase owners able to "live in the new house, celebrate the Chinese New Year ", the Harbor project start to handle the centralized registration procedures on December 31. Although the wind howling, the owner's enthusiasm can not be stopped, the customer service officers of property management sent to a cup of hot tea to help owners to keep warm. In order to speed up the procedure, the staff is divided into two processing areas to reduce the queuing time, so that the owners were able to complete the process as soon as possible. Seeing the satisfaction in owners faces when they got the keys, officers also showed an understanding smile.

Up to January 11, among the 159 owners that completed the registration procedures, 52 of them had already moved into the Harbor. For their convenience, the Harbor issued a special car for their trip, which started from Yantian, and arrive at the city within half an hour. Owners feel free from home to work.