Annual Summarizing Meeting: Affirming Achievements, Tackling Challenges

On the occasion of ushering into a New Year, according to the usual practice, the Group and the Shenzhen real estate held the annual summarizing Meeting of 2008 at the end of the 2008 Lunar New Year. At the meeting, president Pan Jun, respectively interpreted the external environment of 2008, conducted a detailed summary of performance accomplishment situation of Group and real estate section, but also put forward requests on challenging 2009.
President Pan firstly summarized the external environment of group operating in 2008, conducted analysis in terms of national policies, real estate industry momentum and competitive environment, specified all kinds of elements that influenced business operations, so as to sum up the countermeasures and shortcomings, He also quoted example of Vanke to sound a warning to the year coming, .

Follow the logic from outside to inside, President Pan then summed up the works of Group and real estate sector. The annual sales of Fantasia was nearly 1.2 billion yuan, reached the level of medium-sized companies; Facing to the severe environment of real estate market, Shenzhen company basically completed the transition from a professional company to a sub-group real estate; There is still much room for improvement in many aspects like product planning, design, marketing management, project management, cost control, etc., more time and efforts need to be invested to improve the relevant system; Financial management and financing channels building-up need to be further strengthened, so the capital operation capability of sub-group can be enhanced; The quality of relevant professionals have to be improved, which need to strengthen the internal training and external talent channel construction; To strengthen the enterprise culture construction, so the team can withstand greater market pressures and meet the requirements of enterprise’s development.

President Pan believes that, while the performance targets have been adjusted, but the completion is not ideal. Standards were not completely achieved. He also reviewed efforts and weaknesses made by colleagues of development, product, sales, project, financial, operating, GM Office and other departments, addressed the achievements made by development department in projects of Fantasia Harbor, Hailrun Complex, Our World with Me, and Fisherman’s Village.

Facing to the challenging prospect, President Pan put forward the requirements of 2009: Realizing the transition of Shenzhen real estate company to sub-group, establishing and perfecting the operating mechanism, so the Fantasia group can meet professional requirements in terms of development; Focusing on the marketing and financing businesses to tackle the severe market conditions in 2009 and to guarantee the relevant mechanism and system; further strengthening the planning management, by operating products, designing, planning, cost controlling and engineering, implementing and meeting the product standards of Group; strengthening construction of sales center, continue the construction of existing and newly developed property, to reach the relevant operational and financial index.

In the final stage of the meeting, the Board and the Top leaders of Group and real estate awarded the excellent departments and staffs in recognition of their hard works over the past year and outstanding contributions to the company's overall business.