More than 700 owners moved into the ‘Our world with me’ of Chengdu

March 7 is a jubilant day when 706 owners moved into the house. For the Chengdu Company’s customer service colleagues, a silent battle started. They prepared in advance, candy, tea, cakes, gift embodies the company's care and concern about owners.
It was undoubtedly a great challenge for them to hand out 706 suites at one time. The shortage of staff with heavy task, it needs every officer at each link of the chain to be serious and orderly to cope with any possible problems they may encounter. Intensive work started from early morning, and the procedures are cumbersome, customer service colleagues patiently answered owners’ variety of difficult problems, often even have no time to drink water until 6 p.m.


Because of the big volume of works, the registration works lasted for seven days. Customer service colleagues remained at their posts. With regard to tax problems resulted from policy changes, they patiently receipted those agitated customers, and carefully explained the relevant regulations and policies, so that avoided the intensification of the owners and the cluster emotional incidents.

The owners handling procedures on site was satisfied with the company's the reception. In their views, handling process is clear; the attitude of the staffs is also very patient when answering questions. The owners deeply enjoyed Fantasia’s humanistic service. To let the owners feel the warm of home, staffs also felt happy..