Flying against the wind, Fantasia in full bloom

“Only several pages turned over, the calendar will be the 2009. We gathered here tonight, to memory the year elapsed, to make wishes the year coming. Fantasia’ 2008 also changed with the step of the time: Because of the earthquake, Chengdu Corporation's operation was influenced; Because of the financial Tsunami, the market entered into an endless cold winter, Fantasia had to slow down the steps of “the flower bloom in China”. Facing the sudden market change, Fantasia needed to take actions rapidly, seeking breakthrough to meet the challenges. To gain the market in the downturned situation, we not only need to promote fast market reaction, to clearly master the market and customers’ changes, to promptly adjust our product and improves our service: Simultaneously we must build up the internal strength painstakingly, establishes a perfect team with upgraded managerial effectiveness.”

After an passionate toast of President Feng, The New Year and Christmas Party stated off in the Dameisha Sheraton Hotel. The evening banquet was as excellent as before, together we went through the difficult 2008, and welcomed the harvest. Cheers! The drinks represented our sincere friendship and our confidence to the future. When all colleagues enjoying the food and drinks, the programs which our co-workers prepared for a long time mounts, were performed one by one. The artists of Fantasia carried forward the innovative entertainment spirit, from the Africa Savage Dance, to ‘Hip-Pop’ version of folk dance ‘Oriental Beauty’, from copycat of ‘nunchaku’ to Muscle Man Show, all of performances not only dazzling but also made peoples lighted into convulsions, achieved a outstanding reflection. Finally the ‘This winter is not cold’ won the prize for most conform to the subject. The good-looking boys and girls of financial department obviously attracted most of people’s eyes, While the performance that obtained the most applause must be President Pan‘s "Travel of the Happiness", according to the tradition, his performance could not participate in the evaluation. The party program completed successfully.

The party released the tense and pressure of last year, also brought us the confidence to the next year.